Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Creepy Date Night

Um....creepy date night?

I thought dates were supposed to be fun, laid-back, times of relaxation and good conversation...?

Well, it all started that way.  We closed the tree lot a little early and went across the street to Tinseltown and watched "Tangled" (my request...Jake sweetly obliged :) and got a yummy drink from Starbucks.

But after that is when things got a little weird and twighlight-zone-ish.  

We were having a pretty deep conversation on the way back to our place and Jake decided to just keep driving and continue our talk time.  We finally got to a gas station called the "Tank and Tummy"  and thought maybe that would be a good place to turn around.

I had to take a pic because I thought the name was hilarious!

On our way back (we were on a dark, two lane country road by a lake) we had to stop for a train.  The train was going maybe 15 miles an hour and kept getting slower and slower until it came to a stop.  Right in front of us.  Then it started to back up! Going a little faster this time, we thought maybe it unloaded something then was going to turn back.  But once again, it started slowing down, stopped, and went back the other way again!  So here we were, sitting on a little dark misty road in the middle of the forest with a train that wouldn't let us get by. 

 So... we gladly backed up, turned around, and  redirected our route.  But as we continued on our new path, it started to get plainer and plainer that this was not taking us back to town.  The road got darker and darker; abandoned farmhouses dotted the side of the road; leaves and branches were strewn all over the place - no one must have driven it in a long time.  Finally it dropped us off at a dead end - with the train track directly in front of us once again!  Feeling slight trapped by the ever-present train track,  we sped back to the "Tank and Tummy" and got a local's directions back to town.  

We had to laugh - this was our first date night as a married couple, and it turned out to be quite the adventure.  Will date night always be so crazy?!  


  1. Oh, wow! That WAS quite an adventure! What fun memories you'll have! You'll always be able to look back on your first date as a married couple and laugh. It's these kinds of stories that get passed down to the grandkids! :-D

  2. Tank and Tummy...scary! I'm glad you at least got Starbucks... That is always fun. And I'm also glad you picked a movie and not a play that is supposed to be a comedy that isn't even funny.