Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tree Lot!

When I married into the Hatfield Family, I also married into the Fishel and Fishel Christmas Tree Lot in Salisbury, NC - for the past six years, Jake has run this lot (one year he ran it single-handedly - literally.  He burnt his hand on thanksgiving and the next day he was hauling trees and loading them on to people's  cars with one hand - whoa.)

This year, I happily joined my man to run the lot and help break the monotony of Hamburger Helper with some home cooked meals.  It has been a blast!  Jake and I have gotten to spend so much quality time together, share the gospel with many, and meet many cool people.  It is an adventure.

Here's some pics of our Tree Lot home!

Sign-making is one of my chief duties.  Takes me right back to my lemonade stand days!

Jake chilling in the shed where we go to stay warm


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  1. You guys are so funny! I love the picture with Jake wearing a tree. That made me laugh.But I really love the picture of you guys coming out from your wedding. That is so sweet!!! Miss you guys. Have fun with your trees.