Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter at Leatherwood

Howdy everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing Resurrection Day!  I have to say it was one of my favorite Easters ever.  I woke up Easter morning and got to peek behind a temporary "curtain" (a.k.a. blanket :) that Jake had put up over the entrance to his office and found my Easter surprise: my favorite chocolates and a bunch of coral-colored tulips!  And here I was thinking I would never get a Easter basket again...

After that, we went to church and got to sit in amazing service with powerful music and an awesome message.  This was one of the highlights for me:  I got to meet Franklin Graham!  He attends our church when he is not traveling and yesterday he was sitting by himself in the back row.  During the meet and greet time, we got to go shake his hand and thank him for all he does.  His humble response reminded me that no matter how much a world-changer you are, you are still human and God is God.  It was neat how his simple response to us thanking him reminded me that it's not about him, but about God.

After church, we joined our family at a lovely jewel of a place that Jake and I had never been to.  Leatherwood is an equestrian community between Boone and Wilkesboro tucked in a valley.  They had a lovely Easter brunch and even lovelier grounds to explore.  Jake and I had a blast walking around and seeing all this place has to offer.  We will for sure be coming back soon with a blanket, picnic, and books tucked under our arm!

Here are some pics:

I hope you had an awesome Easter too!  We can never be reminded too much of what our precious Savior did for us.



  1. Hey Becky! LOVE the post and the new blog design :) Where did you find such a cute header for your title?

  2. Hey Chesney! Thanks! I'm am SO not technologically savvy, so it took me a while to get this all right lol :D I got the header from They have a lot of cute stuff over there. I added the text using Hope that helps and I hope your doing well!

  3. Thanks Becky :) I am doing well, thank you. From your blog posts it sounds like you and Jake are doing well too! Blessings to you both!